Punctured Truths and Glamourised Lies: Exposing Myths, Lies, and Misinformation

About the Book

This blue planet, most beautiful of all, the most liveable of all planets in the universe is actually not a liveable place for all those discerning people who understand what is happening around, but is a liveable place for those who are blind to the controlling and detrimental actions taken by some countries and individuals, and also challenging for those who mistakenly believe that there is a level playing field. It is a  place where you unfortunately discover a lie that was glamourised a 100 years back, a truth that is punctured daily, based on  information that is redundant  as it   has lived its utility. It is a place where a stigma  sticks to you unceremoniously, with brands that are made to fool you, hypocritical people whom you respect but are worse than  murderers, and saints who castigate you for reasons which are no longer applicable in this world.

Punctured Truths and Glamourised Lies is about exposing all those myths, lies and truths that are not truths at all.

The book taking the shape of a series in its first volume contains writings from the best minds in the world present at different locations and having different world views. These think tanks expose the untruths and the truths with all underlying agenda and all underlying policies that have hardly seen any attention.

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