How does it seek to do?

Chapters and Models India with you. How India With You can assist.

  • Medical field
  • Educational field
  • For Industrial
  • IWY for Tourism

IWY allows you to establish such medical centres in the countries or help connect yourself directly across various spectrum without incurring any intervening costs that the patients may have to pay.

  • Very good medical resource and manpower availability
  • Includes infrastructure, logistics, trained manpower and management

IWY can help outsource best school teachers, establish educational institutions and training facilities for running an establishments and institutions.

  • Offers the countries to connect the student with the best educational facilities that India offers,
  • Access to best teachers and the best educational sources and services that India offers.

For Industrial Development & Establishment

IWY can link the potential economic activity with the architects of that sector, the experienced people of that sector along with the investor who are looking for greener partners and add a market to the finished product as well.

  • Organise regular summits to connect industrialists, investors, visionaries to spruce up any primary secondary or tertiary activity.
  • Frame a roadmap for economic growth for the private sector and informal sector as well as the rendezvous between private sector and indian Government as well as Business houses.

The vast knowledge bank that IWY has made will be best put to use to develop niche tourism, niche packages identify new locations and help them reiki their natural and cultural landscape to link with Indias event companies, film industry and entertainment industry.

  • IWY helps the countries to identify their own sites, develop their potential as per the niche requirement of Indian tourists, as well as find itself completely filled to the needs of new genre of Indian tourists, their customisation and thus an increase in their interaction.
  • IWY will offer a battery of advisors and high level experts who are going to help explore the countries tied to IWY in every manner possible.

Branding the Country in India

A Global platform and Forum for Global Citizens


Let's Know Our India

The objective is to feature success stories, build an interactive platform to share ideas, best practices & international policies and foster global Innovation in India which can be showcased to the world, can be made for the world and can be given to the world. The forum is going to conduct focus group dialogues, domain expert sessions, diplomat’s seminars, and knowledge exchange programs.

IWY will create Friends’ Group for that Country in India


This group will be selected on the basis of emotional differentiation, and ‘feel’ of those people of India towards that specific country.

There will be a dedicated channel of communication on the social media platform that will foster people to people contact through forums and then taking the theme forward into developing tangible and sustainable.

India and Ecuador Specific

  1. 1. Tourism Uniqueness of Ecuador to be explored Indian tourists
  2. 2. Alternative to iiafa to showcase India in Ecuador
  3. 3. Transit country and aviation hub for flights over Pacific.
  4. 4. Form an Indo Latin American forum with the seniormost Ambassador as it’s Dean.
  5. 5. Double the income of farmers with new type of farming destinations.
  6. 6. Shooting location for Indian films.