Punctured Truths and Glamourised Lies
  1. 1. “Geopolitics Redefined-Punctured Truths and Glamourized Lies- the title says all is about breaking many myths and untruthful truths. Thus, it exposes the myths, lies, and sugar-coated imperative truths that are in a real sense the biggest lies.
  2. 2. “Geopolitics Redefined-Punctured Truths and Glamourized Lies Picks up hitherto untouched aspects of Geopolitical narratives and present their a perspective not known and experienced.
  3. 3. Uniqueness of the topics including some topics being picked up for almost the first time ever. Such as the changing perspective on Geopolitics – From Bharat to India,Identity Geopolitics and Fault Lines of Breaking India, India’s Evolution from Soft Power to Smart Power Understanding of the Chinese Mind,Geopolitics of Rare Earth Elements,Future of Space- and its Politics,Geopolitics of Cyber Security,Geopolitics in Aviation and a very bold predictive topic on India as Bharat by 2047 and its Sphere of Influence
  4. 4. The Book “Geopolitics Redefined-Punctured Truths and Glamourized Lies” contains writings from the best minds of India present at different locations and have different world views. These think tanks have exposed these glistering lies and have tried to unravel all underlying agendas and heinous policies that have not been caught by any human chip.
  5. 5. The authors have braced the real truth that is being punctured daily and tries to showcase how false information is being redundantly spread to live its utility and how the flavored stigma kept sticking to one unceremoniously.

The Think Tanks who contributed

  1. 1. Ambassador Pradeep Kapur, IFS 1979 batch former Ambassador to China, Diplomat and Best selling Author.
  2. 2. Air Marshal Anil Chopra, Indian Air Force Retd. Air Marshal, DG of Centre of Air power Studies.
  3. 3. Dr. Saptarishi Basu, Maritime Engineer and Scholar of repute on geopolitics, Psychology, Conflicts.
  4. 4. Shri Ankush Bhandari, IT professional, US based political Activist and Author.
  5. 5. Shri  K. Siddhartha, Earth Scientist, Strategic Thinker & Advisor to Governments Author of 45 books and mentor of 1600 Civil Servants.
  6. 6. Shri Naleen Chandra, Aerospace Engineer, Author and Entrepreneur.
  7. 7. Dr. S. Mukherjee, Geographer and Author of 12 books on Economy, Geography.
  8. 8. Dr. Ankit Shah, Chartered Accountant & a Qualified Company Secretary, a keen observer of foreign policy & security for the Indian subcontinent.