Dr. Ankit Shah


Dr. Ankit Shah is a Fellow Chartered Accountant, a Qualified Company Secretary, and a keen observer of foreign policy & security for the Indian subcontinent.

His predictions include many major geo-political events like Doklam, 370-35 A removal, LAC standoff, Balakot, Ukraine & Taiwan conflicts, the De-dollarization process, and so on.

He introduces US hegemony as a Two Buckets Theory in his book : GEOPOLITICS – DECODING INTENTS, LIES, NARRATIVES AND FUTURE. He laid out Bharat as India of 2047 & its Sphere of Influence as a concluding chapter in another book co-authored by some stalwarts in the Geo-politics arena.

As a Geo-Economics observer, he is building a Sanatan Economics Model to plug the gaps of Adam Smith’s Capitalism and Karl Marx’s Communism theories which will be elaborated in his next book on The Bharat Model. His articles are published in reputed media portals and is invited for talks in popular YouTube platforms like Citti media, Sangam Talks, Festival of Bharat, The Alternate Media, Jaipur Dialogues, Sattology& so on.

He has served IIM-Ahmedabad as an Academic & Research Associate and can be reached out on his twitter handle @ankitatIIMA.