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Decoding Intents, Lies, Narratives & Futures 

May 16th, 2023.

The Constitution Club of India, New Delhi.

Dr Ram Madhav, Author & Thinker, Social Leader and the Founding Member of & Governing Council of India Foundation, released the much-awaited book by the author duo – K Siddhartha and Dr Ankit Shah.

Purpose of the book-simplifying the complex   

Understanding of how geopolitics works  

For whom the book is- all readers with a newfound interest in The highly anticipated book by author duo K. Siddhartha and Dr Ankit Shah was recently released by Dr Ram Madhav, a respected social leader and founding member of India Foundation’s governing council.geopolitics & those who are amused by the muscular foreign policy   

Power play of the Indian subcontinent 


1. Geopolitics will be introduced with a new perspective for the masses where we will set a narrative that is India-centric and yet Global in view, in an indispensable facet that is easily comprehended by the masses. 

2. Quotable quotes by the authors on the cover page. 

3. Pictorial representation of the end of the unipolar dollar-led World 

4. Last chapter gives a hint of the advent of Sanatan economics as the core of a Bharat model for the World (Next book in the works) 

5. The book will attract massive reading in the West post-de-dollarisation while setting the new world order by the global south. 

6. It will serve as the awakening of sorts for those working in the diplomacy apparatus and security cadres.

7. It will give undergraduate and post-graduate students a plain view and equip them with a questioning and seeking attitude to empower them for informed opinions and decisions.  

The young generation of India, which is the future of the World, needs to be acquainted with the nuances of Geopolitics in a way that equips them for a legacy to carry forward a Grand Chakravartin Bharat – 2047. 

Contents Of the Book 

1. How Geopolitics Works 

2. Identity Wars 

3. The Confused Calendar 

4. Conversion and Takeover of Festivals 

5. Soft Power Colonisation 

6. The Dollar of War 

7. The Good Old Gold 

8. The Desert Without Oil 

9. Water Wars 

10. Rare Is Ubiquitous 

11. The Fire in the Ice 

12. The Chicken Wants Another Neck 

13. The Theatrics of Climate Change 

14. The Clash of the Oceans 

15. Space Wars  

16. The Under-currents Of the Black Sea 

17. The Future of Europe 

18. The Dance of the Poles 

19. Bharat Is the Future of the World

Structure of Every Chapter 

  1. What is the present status and perception?
  2. Is the perception or the understanding of the masses correct?
  3. What is the reason behind the narrative, and who benefits?
  4. What is the actual narrative and the actual issue? & Why is it being camouflaged?
  5. What’s the stance of different groups, and what interests do they have?
  6. What will be the future?

For every issue, chapter, and essay, we will have a QR code that will take it to its video reservoir on
TRANSBRAHMA/ENSEMBLE will be continuously updated and evolve with time.

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