” History will be kind to me , since I happen to write it ” these were the words of Winston Churchill whose birthday is today . The brutal murderer was responsible for creating an artificial famine in Bengal in 1943 which left 40 lakh people dead . The once richest province of the British and the Mughals- the United Bengal province was crippled to a point of no return under Churchill’s orders by moving all produce , food , money to Britain. The then muslim league government of Bengal decided to support the British ( wanted partition) and our Congress leaders like Gandhi and Nehru were busy discussing transfer of power with the British and never raised the issue .

Rather Gandhi  had agreed for 20 lakh Indian troops to fight for the same  British in World War 2 and called Netaji as joining evil forces .  Netaji was the only leader who tried to transfer 1 lakh tonnes of wheat to bengal , with security cover from Japan in the seas but that too was stopped by Churchill.

When asked about the same Churchill who openly hated Indians mentioned , that Indians deserved the famine  ,since they breed like rabbits …

His birthday is celebrated in British history , as the sole leader who was responsible for Britain being in the winning side post world war 2. 

Shall the world ever acknowledge our genocides 🙏🙏 By the way, 40 lakh is the global count of the deaths due to covid till now , and here we are taking of the same count in a province of undivided India 🙏🙏

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