First of all Caste is a English word and like many words, it does not fit well with the Hindu community set up. Britishers used it with lack of their vocabulary in English. We should always refer it to Varna

Varna is a  natural phenomena and it is not created by anyone or designed by any one.

It has been refereed in Bhagwad Geeta, Manusmuti and some other books. This is not a Manuwaad as some critics of present-day systems are talking about. Because all of these books do not go beyond 5500 years and critics are ignorant of the facts.

Africa gave world the first humankind. According to Lucy Leakey the Oldupai Gorge located in Tanzania is being considered the place where first hominids were developed. This site is being preserved as The World Heritage site.

These Homo erectus led the first wave of migrations into the rest of the world.

It appears that the first earlier migrants took the route of modern day Yemen and Iran and soon established themselves in the most habitable area of Indus valley, modern day Punjab, distributed in India and Pakistan.The civilization was developed and fluorished in this valley and that is why India is considered the cradle of Civilization for human.

These early settlers may have lived as an individual or a small group, which eventually progressively became larger groups. This period would be a beginning of a community living where, everyone was somewhat dependent on each other.

The few wise people with sharp witty observation habits and thinkers, took the work of advising the group on food and medicine and every aspect of mother nature and natural phenomena. These people were called Bhahmins in the later stages. The larger clusters of people would require some discipline within for peaceful living and also protection from other clusters as well. They would also require some leadership in organizing the clusters activities and people capable of doing and carrying out these functions were called Kshatiya. As a community living

every individual and a community as a whole would need every kind of supply, so people with different skills in everyday needs: trade, goldsmith, blacksmith, cobblers, carpenters, tailors were called Vaisha. Then there would be other lesser skilled work, labor work and assisting to other people were called Shudra.

Thus, the work was divided for the proper functioning of the society according to individuals’ skill. Everyone was dependent on each other, no one was superior or inferior to each other.   Everyone was employed and lived in harmony. in fact, no one was unemployed. The society took care of everyone.

Everyone was proud of their skill, talent and ability to contribute to the society. There was no Varna of anyone by birth, it always remained by the work they deed.

However, millions of years later, during the  last 5000 – 10,000 years we have seen  the very gradual  transition of Varna  into by the  birth. This phenomenon became more pronounced during the last two century. This is where, people carrying out unhygienic work like cleaning streets, removing the dead animals etc. became untouchable

The causes for such acceleration are many. The industrialization is one of them, the barter system is slowly disappearing. The Salaries are paid more to those who uses brain than hands and legs. This has caused economic im-parity among the Varna’s.

The word “caste ” system was coined by Britishers, they acted as instigators, and they build the walls between all different varnas/ Jati’s.

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