New Delhi, 20th February 2023 – In today’s complex world of Geopolitics, a group of the sharpest experts has come together and penned down a unique perspective on Geopolitics and World Order. The book “Geopolitics Redefined – Punctured Truths and Glamourized Lies” is a true effort to show the true perspective of Geopolitical interaction by breaking age-old false myths and polished lies spread across the world by a few powerful organizations and countries.

The book was unveiled on February 13th, 2023 at 4:00 pm by our Chief Guest General (Dr.) Vijay Kumar Singh, Hon’ble Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation, and also for Road Transport and Highways.

Geopolitics Redefined attempts to take cognizance of the new and constantly changing world order. The authors of the book have tried their best to expose all the fibs which have been glamourized over and over for the last 100 years. Also, these experienced authors have braced the real truth that is being punctured daily by biased media groups and lapped scholars of their big bosses.

Containing many first-ever ideas, it helps a common mind to gain a new and justified perspective on Global Geopolitics from all geopolitical scenarios which include a country’s Geographical Location, Maritime, Arctics & Space Geopolitics, Identity Geopolitics, Energy & Cybersecurity Geopolitics. In this book, a true effort has also been made to demonstrate how mother Earth elements can also play a crucial role in today’s geopolitical scenarios. Book has also showcased India’s evolution and its journey from Bharat to India with its Soft Power influencing millions of people around the world.

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