Thorium Theft From India.

A 60 lakh crore scam?

Why India lost in the Race for Clean Thorium Nuclear Power!

MOU between Congress & Communist Party of China.

A Must read…as this is the worst of the scams during UPA regime.

How Sonia destroyed India’s Thorium Technology: A ₹60,00,000 Crore worth of Thorium Scam was done by Madam Sonia Gandhi and her traitorous gang!

We noticed illegal sand mining is going on throughout the coastal belts of India. Many of us have the false impression that this sand is used for construction works. But if we think that, we are more wrong.

India holds the biggest reservoir of Thorium along our beaches with Tamil Nadu alone holding more than 30% of the world’s Thorium deposits!

The sand in our beaches is full of Thorium.

India was Number one in the Thorium based Fast Breeder ( FBT) Nuclear Technology until PM Dr. Manmohan Singh and the Union Defence Minister A.K. Anthony captured it for 10 years under the orders of the Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

Once the Sonia Gandhi led UPA Government came to power the Former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh followed an unwritten policy of severely downsizing the indigenous Thorium Based Technology Programme (Fast Breeder Reactor or FBT) thereby making India dependent on the foreign countries for an advanced nuclear technology, key scientists claim on the condition of anonymity.

Indian Nuclear Scientists at the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) claimed that by 2013 India would have mastered the technology to build Thorium based 1 Gigawatt Nuclear Reactors which is now being supplied by China to Pakistan!

The smuggling and illegal mining of the beach mineral sand started flourishing in the Kerala costal lines after 2007 when Ilmenite was delisted from the ‘list of Prescribed Substances’ by the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during the UPA-I rule.

Not many Indians know that the RARE EARTH Mineral Titanium is processed from Ilmenite.

Indian Nuclear Scientists said, “since the UPA government assumed office in 2004 with Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister, 2.1 million tonnes of the RARE EARTHS that contain Monazite , Ilmenite, Cerium, Garnet, Zircon and Rutile equivalent to 195,300 tonnes of Thorium at 9.3 per cent recovery had disappeared from the sea shores of India!”

This RARE EARTH (Monazite, quite rich in Thorium) is reported to have been mostly exported to other countries by a powerful mining cartel.

China received so much of the Thorium from us that it will last them for the next 24,000 years!

The Chinese are now developing THORIUM MOLTEN SALT REACTOR (MSR) TECHNOLOGY. So China now is taking the Lead in the Race for Clean Nuclear Power! This should have been ours but for the Italian Lady and her traitorous Sepoys!

Now do you understand the implications of the agreement between Congress & Communist Party of China.


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