For everything we do to generate electricity or store electricity, we will have to pay an enormous cost in the form of environmental damages.
Whether it is coal fired, hydro power nuclear power or even solar power…
Clean energy is a misnomer…For every amount of energy generated, distributed and stored we will have to pay a price-TODAY OR TOMORROW.


We cannot live forever in an energy intensive society. Energy generation, energy use, distribution and its final destination all require energy.

Even if we think we will provide clean electricity to cars on which they will run, there will be two issues-

one, it will be one of the most inefficient form of energy management because that will require conversion of thermal energy into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy and then again to mechanical energy, and

two electricity will require use of some form of energy conversion somewhere else either by coal or by inundation of large amount of land through hydel power or by use of nuclear energy, or we use some elements like lithium that have the potential to harm environment irreversibly.

Can you imagine what will you do when the solar panels and cells have lived their life and require to be disposed,

can you imagine when the nuclear power plant has lived its life and require to be shut down and its fuel needs to be dumped somewhere,

can you imagine the inside of a nuclear reactor bathed with ultra-high level radioactivity is extracted if at all, and needs to be disposed.

The use of nuclear energy for clean electricity generation is another fallacy as it involves the assumption that it is clean and completely unmindful of the fact that its management will be so environmentally cumbersome.

Moreover, it is also forgotten that It takes energy to generate energy. You cannot generate energy out of nothing and when you do so, the cost benefit analysis of generation, environmental impact, its benefits or disadvantages to a consumerist society, its damage to yourself when you get rid of it will be able to calculate its cost.

Even if we assume limitless form of energy availability, we have to keep in mind that the waste of all energy generated is heat and that way, we will keep raising the temperature of the earth and then use certain means then to control this temperature.

Pollution caused by energy use either of air pollution or any other form of pollution requires energy too. So, will be the requirement of energy for managing pollution caused by lithium too.

Any energy generation that takes place either pollutes the environment or sends off degraded heat into the atmosphere.

Even if we assume that we are able to generate abundant energy through fusion process based on deuterium or energy use based on a suitcase full of He 3 from Moon, we will generate more heat from energy generation because all energy we use finds itself in the environment in the form of degraded heat enough to raise temperature.

Whatever we do, we bump ourselves into energy as a limiting factor.

Ultimately, we will have to wean ourselves away from an energy intensive society and dependence on the energy intensive model for leading a good life based on abundant amount of energy.

Any ecologically incompatible design in any specific climatic region will require energy intensive design and planning. Today it will be solar, tomorrow it will be something else.

But all energy use will lead to heat build-up for sure.

So, either we follow design adapted to nature or we use energy that is sustainable and within a certain limit to follow a sustainable life.

Ultimately, we will have to wean ourselves away from an energy intensive society, a consumerist society.

It’s a matter of time. We will be compelled to follow a minimalistic lifestyle. Today or Tomorrow whenever we understand.




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