TRANSBRAHMA is a modern day think tank with the best minds of world and its intellectual capital established with an aim to help frame policy decisions, policy intervention, help establish new notions of thinking and solutions for an emerging complex world.Transbrahma encourages real conversation, depths of knowledge beyond wisdom in an actionable manner. It endeavors to bring the best of worlds’ intellectual minds on one forum forming a massive think tank for the modern 21st century world.It comprises of World’s Intellectuals, Academicians, Policy Makers, Scientists, and Geostrategists who can be a think tank for framing the policies of different countries and organisations.




We are writing to express our gratitude for your continued support and engagement with Transbrahm, the online platform for promoting intercultural dialogue and understanding. As creators of this platform, we are committed to providing a safe and inclusive space where people from all backgrounds can come together and learn from each other. We understand that the world can sometimes feel divided, with different cultures, religions, and beliefs often leading to misunderstandings and conflicts. That is why we created Transbrahm, to provide a platform where people can come together, share their experiences, and learn from one another. Through our online forums, articles, and resources, we hope to promote dialogue and understanding between different cultures and religions, emphasizing the importance of unity in diversity. We believe that by engaging with one another, we can break down barriers and create a more compassionate and tolerant world. We are committed to continuously improving and updating our platform to provide you with the best possible user experience. We encourage you to explore our website, join in on our forums, and share your own experiences with others. We believe that everyone has something valuable to contribute, and we are excited to hear from you. Thank you again for your continued support, and we look forward to continuing our journey towards a more connected and understanding world.

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    The Creators of Transbrahm.

Message from the spokesperson & National convenor

I have come to understand the importance of unity in diversity. We all come from different cultures, religions, and backgrounds, but at our core, we share a common humanity. It is important for us to recognize and celebrate our differences, while also working towards a common goal of social and economic justice for all. In our modern world, there are still many inequalities and injustices that exist, particularly in the areas of education, employment, and healthcare. We must work together to create a more equitable society where everyone has the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their background. As an author, economist, and sociologist, I have seen firsthand the power of knowledge and education in creating positive change. I urge each and every one of you to educate yourselves and others about the issues facing our world today, and to take action towards creating a better future for all. Finally, I would like to emphasize the importance of promoting dialogue and understanding between different cultures and religions. We must learn to respect and appreciate each other's differences, and work towards a world where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.


Mr. B. P. Singh

Former Home Sec, World Bank Vice President, and Former Governor Sikkim

Padmshree Prakash Singh

(Retired DGP, UP) Advisor to PM on Police reforms.

Mr. B. L. Vohra

DGP, Tripura, Manipur & Chief Secretary Manipur

Prof. M. P. Singh

(World renowned Political Scientist)

Dr. Vikram Singh

Former DGP UP & VC, NIU

Mr. K. Siddhartha

(Earth Scientist, Educationist, Mentor and International Speaker)

Mr. Naleen Chandra


Dr. Ankit Shah

(Chartered Accountant,Company Secretary Transbrahm)

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